12 November 2015

47/2015 HATIM - Sir, they called me but i'm social worker


One of my cousins told and conveyed message to engage in HATIM as a Guest Lecturer of BSW for 2 months since 4 September  to 31 October 2015 due to the absence of Sir C.Lalengzama, as he is going to attend course work (on Ph.D) in Social work.

I was happily decided to engage in it. I want to ask God. If God agreed, the HOD will granted my humble decision, luckily, not only with prior approval of Dr.B.Laldinliana who is Medical Superintendent of our Hospital but also Asst Gen. Secy of the BCM agreed.

   And reported to the Principal, Dr.Chawngthanpari who is having full commitment to Lord and the Baptist Church. In this short meeting, I was dress as formal as possible, but easily she looked into my eyes and counted me as Indian monkey because of my red mouth. But requested me to reduce my tobacco and other consumption, promised her and followed till the end. One of the remarkable events is her Prayer about my habit, and gap between my days of graduation and till now. And prayed also for I have no experience in teaching, that I would hold all responsibilities in their learning and soul.

I was never thought of becoming a teacher, and have no inner urge to become a teacher. But during two years 2008-2010 I was volunteered as a Teacher In our local Private Higher Secondary School, as it would be going stop due to financial assistance from the Community. (I got Rs 500 for 24 months as honorarium, now i can buy two Kgs of Pork) That experience is of very less for building career. Especially, for residential college like Church based.

Asst Professors like, Ms Gospel, Ms Mary, Sir RSA. and Sir Zela are very friendly to me and to Students also. I never saw an ugly faced and always showing smile and miss Mary doubled her smile (It is a gift from God, and i counted such blessing when i was with her)  It is a great privilege for me to become SIR to my students (Though it is only for two months); our work culture and a pattern in here is of no use because a friendly and rapport building time in all the way. But, over there, Confidence and updating knowledge and experienced is a vital to deal with students. I feel enthusiast with fieldwork in De-Addiction and correctional settings and different communities.

On my first week, fluency becomes my problem in the class. I only used English for making calls and receiving calls from Airtel Company..hehe.. On second week, chewing tobacco and my bad habits become a problem. Distance from here to the Campus is  difficult to adjust myself and I realized that attending class is not enough in social work discipline- because there is no time to interact with students based on their field work, research and Presentation. But, they - students and teachers were very friendly and I feel those days of my youth and college time, especially when I prepared for class teachings. It was a great chance and experience for me to become College Teachers.

On my last days, I was organized discussion among Fifth semester students about How and why HATIM was established for?  I knew, the real status and conditions of HATIM. One of my critical thinking/thought of why do Church Administrators selected to offer BSW course in Religious-Residential-Strict College? Is BSW become a problem for maintaining a strict discipline? Because of Field work and course patterns of Social Work, it is very different from other. But it is a great challenge for BSW Department in order to mainstreaming social work into the College Community.

Fifth Semester Students evaluated me like I have no confidence in teaching and class work to make decisions and they thought that all of my perspective is client related and sometimes boring. Their writings for me (like Editing in Shakespearean sonnet) are like ;

Friends are made to be friends forever,
When accepting our similarity.
We are going to miss these youthful days,
Counting, it would be like that lingeries.

Farewell is not departing someone;
But, a scar of remembrance and memento
Departing some place is sometimes so sweet,
When there was time to share those olden times.

Different things happen differently,
Those were indescribable college days. (ed.)

I will remember them as BM-a ; the innocent one, Mahlima ; the biggest one, and the Curly Man; Chhana, LP-a of the Serious Red Rocker were sitting in the courtyard during Lunch time. Like them, I used to sit with Vishal Chhetri (The Katmandu guy), RD-a (Kawchhung Thianghlima), Rinzuala (as white as  Chakma)  and myself were sitting under that oak tree. I still remember those days, and envied when they were sitting, cried silently when i'm thinking. i wish i were back the then.

 I had always confused Siamtei; the little mermaid with Mimi, and asked Ruth about her Mini Research, but another Ruth (Twin) said ‘I am not Ruth) Enkawli said “I don’t need I.C or G.C” but I feel embarrassed because of this word in Social Work. Due to their participation in the discussion Tluang tluangi and Sangtei will be remembered for their career in social work. Mawizuali of the Serchhipian attention and improvement in interaction is so sweet. Chami, I will remember because her name is Chami. (ask myself not to write further…..please no more word Chams...hehe)

** this is not the end, I will do again or corrected again if I have time.

** All of my honorrium as a Guest Lecturer, i gave all to Our Local pastorate Choir for making two music videos, you can find it on my latest block update.

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